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About Us

How We Work

Juno Financial Group (JFG) is an independent financial advisory firm that offers retirement plan management for employers and comprehensive wealth planning for individuals and families.

Our Primary Purpose

JFG provides full-service investment planning, from assisting plan sponsors in the implementation and management of retirement plans to actively engaging employees in the investment process. The Juno Team specializes in retirement plan enrollment and education meetings, using their knowledge and experience to provide financial advice and build lasting relationships with every plan participant.

Developing these relationships allows JFG to provide customized wealth planning advice that is built to achieve long-term goals, no matter what opportunities or challenges life delivers. The Juno Team strives to provide each client with a tailored plan, giving them the chance to retire when they want to - not when they have to. No matter the financial situation, everyone has a story and Juno Financial Group is here to listen.

Juno Financial Group is committed to partnering with organizations who are making an impact in the RVA community. 

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